UPSC Law Optional Test Series

UPSC Law Optional Test Series

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13 Chapters
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67 Contents
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Premium Test Series for UPSC Law Optional. (25 tests).

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Terms and conditions of the course : Law Optional Test Series: 
1. This product includes 25 tests - question papers & solutions including evaluation support. And any test can be attempted anytime before UPSC Mains 2024.
2. Solution for any particular test can be accessed from our website (any browser) or our application (Android/IOS). It cannot be taken print out. 
3. Evaluation for the test attempted will be done within 7 days by our expert team.
4. Solutions are not model answers, therefore the word limit will not adhered to. 
5. Your association with Lawxpertsmv India will be taken credit, if you make the payment towards the course. This will entitle the Lawxpertsmv India to post your name & roll no of UPSC in our website & other materials which will be published in future to show your association with us. 
6. Any timeline given above will not be followed in case of Act of god, force majeure, failure of website server, failure of communication channel, etc...
7. A test can be only attempted once. 
8. ID Proof is mandatory for registration of this course.
9. Evaluation support will be there until UPSC Mains 2024.

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