UPJS Focus 40 [Gold]

UPJS Focus 40 [Gold]

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UPJS | FOCUS 40 - UPJS Plan - Starts 24th December 2023

1) Focus 40 days is meant for hard-working & diligent individuals who can cover ATLEAST a single topic a day.
2) On 3rd page, Planner for next 40 Days is given. You just to need follow it.
3) You will be given Notes for Law Subjects & NCERTS. Summaries will be given for statutes mentioned in GK Paper.
4) You have to read a particular topic given on a day. And in the evening, around 7.30 PM - You have to attempt 50 MCQs to test your knowledge on it.
5) On end of completion of every subject - that subject has to be attempted as a single test (100 MCQs)

  • I need complete package - Gold Plan - 15000rs.

  • I do not need materials - Just need 50 MCQs everyday along with Mock Tests - Silver Plan - 5000rs.

Offer Pricing until this Sunday :

Gold Plan : 11999rs - https://imjo.in/4xQvPb

Silver Plan : 3399rs -https://imjo.in/2AVcpK  


Sample notes : 

1. Click me to Download Sample Notes on CRPC.
2. Click me to Download Sample Notes on CPC.
3. Click me to Download Sample Notes on Evidence Act.
4. Click me to Download Sample Notes on IPC.
5. Click me to Download Sample Notes on Contract Act.
6. Click me to Download Sample Notes on Constitution of India.

Terms & Conditions of UPJS Focus 40 :
1. Notes & Summaries will be given only for all topics mentioned in the Schedule of this course. [Applicable for Gold Plan ONLY]
2. MCQ test will be conducted in our MCQ test portal. lawxpertsmv.in or our Android or IOS App.
3. Notes can be opened only in our website or App (Android or Apple). It cannot be taken print out.
4. Course fee is non-transferable and non-refundable due to the nature of the services provided.
5. ID proof with residential proof should be submitted to facilitate the registration process.
6. If you have any doubt over the features, please contact us at lawpertsmv@gmail.com OR Call/WhatsApp : 6382125862
7. Course components are valid for 2 year from the date of Purchase.

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