Published on Feb 11, 2023
Solved UPSC Law Papers [2022-2000]
Solved UPSC Law Papers [2022-2000]

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Sample 1 on Topic 1 of International law

Sample 2 on Topic  7 of Contemporary Legal Developments

Terms and Conditions of UPSC Law Optional Solved Papers of 2022-2000 Course:
1)  22 Years of UPSC Law Optional would be 2000 to 2022.
2) It will be topic-wise of all subjects of UPSC Law Optional.
3) Access will be given ONLY in online through online portal ( , Android Application and IOS Application. It cannot be taken print out.
4)  Access to the topic-wise - 22 years will be given as per the schedule only. Any request to get full access will not be entertained.
5)  Course fee is non-refundable under any circumstances and the price paid towards this course cannot be adjusted towards any course in later point of time.
6)  This access will be valid for 3 Years from date of purchase. After expiry, it can be renewed with 500rs every year along with updates.

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